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2020 Elections




Mr. President, you were not alone in your fight for Justice, on the contrary, countless Americans, myself included, remain loyal.


Mr. President, Democrats don’t want you, the Top Law Officer to investigate the Biden’s, so who can?


Mr. President, it’s clear to me, former Vice President Biden’s son’s activities are questionable and appointment after an official U.S VP visit.


Mr. President, it’s clear to me, former President Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, benefited from entities in various countries after U. S. State of sectary visits.


Mr. President, it’s clear to me, that Americans and a U. S. Ambassador were abandoned by the State Department headed by Clinton.


Mr. President, it’s clear to me, I’m going on the record, declaring Clinton was not fit to run for President, nor was the FBI Director fit for his office.


Mr. President, it’s clear to me, Clinton made a house keeper handle secret and sensitive material, deleted emails and lied about it.


Mr. President, it’s clear to me, if you don’t what folks to investigate you, run for President, so again, can we at least expect the Senate to investigate?


Mr. President, it’s clear to me, the Biden‘s still need investigated, but than I think the Clinton’s still need investigated, go figure?


Mr. President, it’s clear to me, your nightmare is mine and countless others that want the swamp drained, a booming economy, equal rights and justice.


Mr. President, I wish I didn’t have to repeat it’s clear to me so often, but Mr. President, I don’t mind.


Mr. President, some sort of effort by the Democrats to push forward a censorship motion, in order to lesson your effectiveness with foreign leaders likely.


Mr. President, you have a constitutional duty and obligation to investigate or have investigated, anything you feel doesn’t meet the smell test.


Mr. President, with 14.3 million illegal aliens (FAIR) and Mexican Troops at the boarder, perfect timing for a Guest Workers Program (12.5 million in 2017).


Mr. President, illegal immigration/aliens (FAIR) is likely imposing a net fiscal burden of at least $131.9 billion annually on U.S. taxpayers.[i]


Mr. President, I could easily create a Guest Workers Program that both parties would except within 6 months provided I’m given the ability to send officials secret questions.


Mr. President, creation of a Guest Workers Program would include your ideas as well before questions are submitted to elected and non elected officials.


Mr. President, thanks for being our President, a loyal servant. PS – Guest Workers Program = $1.00 an hr for both US/Mexico = 20 bil. annually ext.


Dear Mr. President, unsolicited ballots mailed out, how the potential for fraud can take place and twitter censored you and us from forwarding your comments is a policy.


Dear Mr. President, silencing free speech by not allowing folks to post the truth about evidences viewed as creditable on social media sites leads to suppressing the truth.


Dear Mr. President, Americans are in the cold standing for hours to show you their loyalty to liberty and freedom and their love for you for supporting our countries heritage.


Dear Mr. President, those of us that can’t go to your rallies, supports you in other ways, blogs, web sites, facebook and tweets.  Censoring us just makes us more determined.


Dear Mr. President, our post maybe censored on twitter and facebook, but not on our web sites, blogs or youtube, so our voices are being heard.


Dear Mr. President, your rallies or peaceful protests widely seen on youtube but not main stream media testifies to the bias of media while highlights their political views.


Dear Mr. President, we must learn to tweet in such away that our tweets won’t be censored by twitter, especially if our tweets support you or are against the Biden’s.


Dear Mr. President, to tweet that twitter has purposely interfered with our election by censoring your comments and others, like Senator’s are exclaiming, might be censored.


Dear Mr. President, to tweet disconcerting statements about twitter that our Senators are claiming on the Senate Floor might also be censored.


Dear Mr. President, in all my post I’ve posted thus far, tomorrow I’ll know if censorship caught up with me, heck, my account might be closed like New York Post account was/is.


Dear Mr. President, at the minimum, twitter, Google and facebook should post disclaimers that they are biased and not fair and balanced, so that consumers/clients/participants will be warned.




Dear Mr. President, My crystal ball says the largest voter turn out in modern day history is about to happen because were fighting for liberty, freedoms, our heritage as a nation and the future direction of the U. S.


Dear Mr. President, the silent majority of Americans loyal to the free enterprise system, second amendment, law and order, Bill of Rights “Free Speech” and Patriot Values will vote.


Dear Mr. President, with the historic third-quarter GDP growth of 7.4 percent (33.1 percent at an annual rate), the U. S, in a single quarter recovered two-thirds of the economic output lost due to the pandemic, congratulations.


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Trump’s Election Lawsuits: Where the Fights Are Playing Out (5)

Nov. 7, 2020, 3:30 PM


The Trump campaign has filed at least seven lawsuits in battleground states since Election Day to challenge the ballot counts. The president released a statement Saturday rejecting the idea that Joe Biden had won and pledging his campaign “will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated.” So far, his suits have yet to give examples of widespread voter fraud. Read More: Trump’s Vote Count Lawsuits Fail in Court but Rouse His Base


If Biden’s lead expands in the electoral college vote, few of the court cases may have a real chance to change the final outcome. Trump has scored three wins and five losses since Nov. 3. Below is a list of key court cases to watch:




With 20 electoral college votes, Pennsylvania is the prize that helped push Biden past the needed 270 votes he needs to be the winner. The state has already seen its voting practices get challenged all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which voted 4-4 in October to leave intact a three-day extension to receive mailed ballots. Republicans are seeking a reversal of that ruling now that Justice Amy Coney Barrett is on the court.

Court: U.S. Supreme Court

Case Name: Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar, 20-542; Scarnati v. Pennsylvania Democratic Party, 20-574
Status: Appeal of state supreme court decision

Summary: Two groups are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to rule that Pennsylvania cannot count mail-in ballots that arrived up to three days after Election Day but were postmarked by Nov. 3, an extended deadline upheld by the state supreme court. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case before the election but explicitly left open the possibility of doing so after the vote. The Trump campaign filed to intervene in the case Wednesday, which could push the high court to take it up again. On Friday, state Republicans asked the court to order Pennsylvania counties to segregate mail ballots that arrived after Election Day, saying state officials haven’t gone far enough to make sure those votes can be invalidated if the GOP wins the legal challenge. Democrats said Thursday the number of ballots at issue likely would not “be large enough to be decisive in the races for president and House of Representatives.”


Court: Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania
Case Name: Donald J. Trump for President Inc. v. Kathy Boockvar and County Boards of Elections, 602 MD 2020
Status: Trump win
Summary: President Donald Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee sued Pennsylvania’s top election official, Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, claiming sheimproperly extended the deadline for absentee and mail-in voters to provide any missing proof of identification from Nov. 9 to Nov. 12. They scored a victory on Thursday when a judge ordered Boockvar to segregate mail-in ballots from voters providing identification between Nov. 10 through Nov. 12, saying she would rule later on the validity of the deadline extension.


Court: Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania
Case Name: Hamm, Kelly, Allred, Horner, Connor and Hauser v. Boockvar, 600 MD 2020
Status: Trump partial win
Summary: A Pennsylvania state judge on Friday ordered county boards of election in the state to put aside provisional ballots cast on Election Day for voters who also sent absentee or mail-in ballots that arrived on time. The ruling came in a lawsuit brought a group of Pennsylvania Republicans, including Mike Kelly, who was elected to a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, that have been challenging what they believe to be defective ballots. The judge denied a request for a preliminary injunction.


Court: Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas, Northampton County (Easton).
Case Name: In re: Motion for Injunctive Relief of Northampton County Republican Committee, C-48-CV-2020-6915,
Status: Trump loss
Summary: A judge dismissed a lawsuit Friday which was filed by a group that includes Republican candidates and officials who sought to block election officials in Montgomery County, which is mainly Democratic-leaning suburbs of Philadelphia, from notifying voters and helping them “cure” defective votes. The judge said the suit lacked merit.


Court: Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Case Name: Philadelphia County Canvassing Observation Appeal, 1094 CD 20
Status: Trump win, Democrats have appealed the ruling
Summary: The Trump campaign sued on Election Day, claiming its representatives were being denied “reasonable access” to monitor the counting of votes in Philadelphia because they were kept at a far distance from the process. The suit was dismissed on Wednesday by a Philadelphia trial court, but an appellate court on Thursday reversed that ruling and ordered officials to allow all poll observers to watch the ballot-counting from a distance of six feet. Philadelphia election officials are seeking to appeal that decision to the state’s highest court.


Court: U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
Case Name: Donald J. Trump for President Inc. v. Philadelphia County Board of Elections, 20-5533
Status: Judge denied request for an injunction, saying an agreement was reached
Summary: The Trump campaign filed an emergency request to stop the county Board of Elections “from continuing to count any ballots so long as Republican observers are not present as required by state law.”




Biden is ahead by about 20,000 votes in the state, buoyed by a strong response in the state’s most populous county, Maricopa. The Trump campaign filed its first suit in the state after Biden was declared the winner by several media outlets Saturday.


Court: Superior Court for the State of Arizona
Case Name: Donald J. Trump for President Inc. v. Katie Hobbs

Status: Awaiting hearing
Summary: The lawsuit says potentially “up to thousands” of voters in Maricopa County were disenfranchised because poll workers directed them to override a ballot rejection by pressing a green button on the machine that actually disqualified their vote without further adjudication.




Biden is the projected winner of the state’s 16 electoral college votes, according to the Associated Press. The Trump campaign has tried to halt the count, saying it needs more access.


Court: Michigan Court of Claims
Case Name: Donald J. Trump and Eric Ostergren v. Jocelyn Benson, 20-000225-MZ
Status: Trump loss
Summary: The Trump campaign claims it hasn’t been given meaningful access to counting locations to observe the process for opening and tabulating ballots as guaranteed under state law. A judge on Thursday rejected the request, saying “At this point, the essence of the count is completed, and the relief is completely unavailable.”




Biden has a narrow lead in the state where a Democrat hasn’t won a presidential election since Bill Clinton in 1992. A recount will be held, Georigia’s secretary of state said.


Court: Eastern Judicial Circuit of Georgia
Case Name: In Re: Enforcement of Election Laws and Securing Ballots Cast or Received after 7:00pm on November 3, 2020, SPCV20-00982
Status: Trump loss
Summary: The campaign claims a Republican poll observer in Chatham County, which includes the Democratic-leaning city of Savannah, witnessed late ballots being illegally added to a stack of on-time absentee ballots. A judge rejected that assertion, ruling Thursday that “there is no evidence that the ballots referenced in the petition were received after 7 p.m. on Election Day, thereby making those ballots invalid.”




The Trump campaign held a press conference Thursday announcing it would file a lawsuit alleging 10,000 votes were illegally cast by people no longer residing in the state. Instead, a suit was filed by a group that included Republican officials who claimed “over 3,000 instances of ineligible individuals casting ballots.”


Court: U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada
Case Name: Stokke et al v. Cegavske et al, 2:20-cv-02046-DJA
Status: Trump loss
Summary: The case targeted Clark County, a heavily Democratic area that includes Las Vegas, with two Republican candidates for Congress claiming the election there was “plagued by irregularities.” The Republicans failed to produce evidence of wrongdoing , a federal judge ruled in tossing the suit. If they return “with more evidence,” the judge said, he’d reconsider the case.




The Trump campaign has said it will seek a recount in Wisconsin, where he trails Biden. The president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, suggested another lawsuit could be filed in the state, claiming “exactly the same thing happened” as in Pennsylvania in terms of denying the Trump campaign access to the ballot count. No suit has apparently been filed, although one Democrat has asked a judge a New York to step into the matter.


Court: U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
Case Name: Pierson v. Stepien, 20-CV-9266
Status: Filed Nov. 4

Summary: A Wisconsin woman who voted for Joe Biden asked a federal court in Manhattan to block the Trump campaign’s manager, its lawyer “and any of their agents” from seeking the launch of a recount in Wisconsin, claiming in a lawsuit that a “peculiar” state law allowing any candidate with ample cash to demand a recount has fueled “a scorched Earth tactic to sow discord and paranoia in the fields of Wisconsin.” https://news.bloomberglaw.com/us-law-week/trumps-election-lawsuits-where-the-fights-are-playing-out


November 7, 2020


Dear Mr. President, as one of your supporters, I was over confident the American People did not desire socialism and wanted to safe guard liberties.


Dear Mr. President, if everything you told us happens, depression will become reality, our second amendment will be lost, lock down and 1% GDP will once again be reality.


Dear Mr. President, we will now see the next two years equal to when the Democrats had the Senate and Republicans had the House, with House Bills not making them to President elect Biden’s desk.


Dear Mr. President, will the wall stop construction or be taken down? Will we see amenity for illegal aliens receiving welfare, free college and open boarders?


Dear Mr. President, thanks to you in part we kept the Senate and crazy left bills I’m hoping will be sent back to the House. Hundreds of Bills never made it to Obama.


Dear Mr. President, President elect Biden’s alleged family corruption had no merit what so ever as a factor to electing Biden because folks merely voted for their party or Harris.


Dear Mr. President, if the FBI director finds merit in a case against the Biden’s and if President elect Biden is charged with receiving millions, Harris will pardon him.


Dear Mr. President, your own words have declared President elect Biden un fit to be President, corrupt, a liar and traitor budding up to China, Ukraine, Russia, etc., so you must follow through.


Dear Mr. President, President elect Biden’s son, Hunter is well connected with the communist party of China, so if his Father is as well, than good buy your trade deal.


Dear Mr. President, everything you accomplished, less some appointments approved by the Senate will be trashed by President elect Biden and Harris.


Dear Mr. President, my crystal ball was wrong. I actually thought the American People would want to know about investigations of influence pedaling, and lining their pockets with gold.


Dear Mr. President, if the evidences take down President elect Bidden, Harris will become President, and I believe he could be sacrificed by the party if the FBI really has a case.


Dear Mr. President, you have opened the flood gates and there is no way to shut them, so moving forward, full speed ahead, and proving acquisitions of Biden’s corruption now a must.


Dear Mr. President, you’ve convinced many Americans that CNN, and other news out lets are fake news, failure to report anything about Hunter Biden, his Father, etc., unfair.


Dear Mr. President, our fellow Americans voted, huge turn out, historical number of votes cast, yet your questioning unsolicited ballets.


Dear Mr. President, your observers have no right to exam a ballot 6 to 12 feet away, so if the state doesn’t want to verify them in a manner you accept, how will anyone ever know?


Dear Mr. President, the simple truth is, the democrats out spent the republicans, media chooses what they won’t report if it by not doing so benefits the democrats.


Dear Mr. President, suppression of note worthily stories to protect a candidate running for elected office as not to have to comment, is bias.


Dear Mr. President, you divided Americans between blue and red, far left and conservative and as your supporter, I’m as guilty as you.


Dear Mr. President, unless the FBI does its job, draining the swamp stops.


Dear Mr. President, not even Hillary Clinton signing off on the Russia scam against you, destroying a Generals reputation is news worthily? Maybe even Obama knew?


Dear Mr. President, alleged spying on your campaign by the Democrats and Obama maybe knew are additional un answered questions although nope, didn’t happen seem to be the reply.


Dear Mr. President, it  seems that the majority of U. S. Registered (?) voters chose the Democrat Party/Biden/Harris ticket over the republic party, you and Pence, and that confuses me.


Dear Mr. President, Harris worries me because she is far left in her thinking and no doubt future policies will effect great change in our countries judicial heritage.


Dear Mr. President, if the rug gets pulled out from President elect Biden’s feet due to alleged corruption scandals, then I hope Harris at least knows about renewable technologies.


Dear Mr. President, Haliade-X, the industry’s first 12 MW offshore wind turbine stands tall at 260 meters and rotor at 220 meters creates enough electricity for 16,000 houses.


Dear Mr. President, The Enercon E-126 stands tall at a height of 650 ft (198 m) and creates 7MW and is the second largest windmill.


Dear Mr. President, there are folks willing to pay $15,000.00 a person to have a loved one, a Mexican smuggled into America, those that want amnesty for millions, etc., whose votes matter.


Dear Mr. President, offering free college was a Hillary Clinton promise for Americans and now free college will go to anyone who can make it to America illegally.


Dear Mr. President, 4 trillion tax hike and canceling your tax cuts must be qualified by the Senate before such bills go to Biden if they even make on the majority leaders desk.


Dear Mr. President, the House Democrats will have the same obstacles with the Senate as they do now, while the Majority Leader of the Senate will call the shots.


Dear Mr. President, before our nation can unite in a common fashion President elect Biden will have to be proven innocent of corruption allegations.


Dear Mr. President, I don’t see a productive two years for Biden/Harris or our country as everything you built will be destroyed less what the Senate can save.


Dear Mr. President, your down fall is my defeat as well, as I to want America energy independence through fracking and renewable, nuclear eventually replaced, while birds will die.


Dear Mr. President, will NAFTA be brought back, will we revisit the Iranian nuclear issue, apologizing for pulling out gifting billions to Iran?


Dear Mr. President, will clean coal technologies be penalized by creating pollution taxes, will federal land leases for fracking be canceled and oil leases as well?


Dear Mr. President, when Obama was elected I really thought he would make a difference, that renewable technologies would take hold and now Biden/Harris will begin a new.


Dear Mr. President, do you feel you invested heavily into renewable technologies these last four years, because Biden/Harris feel you didn’t and their going to create millions of green jobs.


Dear Mr. President, refitting buildings to have smaller windows when in reality based on suggested sciences, oceans will rise, so why not build ships and seal buildings from the ground up?


Dear Mr. President, the U. S. alone cannot make a huge difference in reducing fossil fuel consumption when China, India and Russia do nothing to reduce said same.


Dear Mr. President, if we loose energy independence by lessoning fracking, will off shore and mountainous regions see huge windmills so fleets of electrical vehicles can operate?


Dear Mr. President, maybe a U. S. Guest Workers Program might be a fair and balanced way for folks to become eventual citizens rather than amnesty?


Dear Mr. President, 750,000 children of illegal aliens brought into America may finally be given a path way to citizenship?


Dear Mr. President, I’m left with more questions than answers but I’m hoping influence pedaling stops as well as folks becoming wealthy after arriving on Air Force One or Two.


Dear Mr. President, how much will you earn for speeches. Bill Clinton often cashed out after his wife visited places on Air Force Jets. The Clinton Foundation did well as well.


Dear Mr. President, I’d like to thank you for stopping your life for us all and making a difference.


Dear Mr. President, holding on to an elected office when the national vote alone clearly illustrates millions more voted for Biden/Harris is not a winning hand.


Dear Mr. President, at least make sure the FBI Director does his job and in so doing, don’t let up until you have proven your allegations against the Clinton's and Biden’s.


Dear Mr. President, if you give up the fight once you leave office against corruption, draining the swamp, etc., follow through at least with your allegations against the Biden’s.


Dear Mr. President, as a loyal supporter, I have lived your dream, free of over regulation, heavy taxes and a strong economy and armed forces.


Dear Mr. President, had the Democrats won the senate, they could have packed the court and done away with the filler buster and much more. Americans like a divided government.


Dear Mr. President, in conclusion, what’s done is done, it’s what you do now that will be remembered, as you and I, me as your supporter, disfranchised enough folks to loose you the Presidency.


Dear Mr. President, if you’re convinced there was fraud in our elections, such evidence would involve examining ballots reserved by the state to do so, and your case I’m assuming would be over whelming.


November 10, 2020


Dear Mr. President, Shepard Smith fact checks you’re remarks and says you’re basically a liar while Rudy Giuliani says fraud in ten states, 1,000’s of cases. Smith is a liar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=012BzDoFqiY


Dear Mr. President, "WE HAVE THE EVIDENCE" Rudy Giuliani exclaims 300,000 votes Illegal with republican’s denied access to observe, Shepard Smith will be proven a liar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck2SOy7PJZE


Dear Mr. President, President Elect Medias favorite Biden thinks’ he is going to be the  next President of the U. S. while if that happens, Harris will replace him based on Biden’s Family’s influence pedaling/corruption.


Dear Mr. President, why can’t the FBI expedite its case of Hunter Biden(s) alleged criminal enterprises and influencing pedaling?


Dear Mr. President, who holds the FBI, CIA, Biden, president elected by the media, Media, Democrat Party, State Voting Counting Officials, silicone valley and environmental extremist accountable?


Dear Mr. President, I review all sides, and it is evident we can no longer trust in or believe in google, facebook, twitter or the media that will censor sensitive information to benefit a party  member or call you a liar.


Dear Mr. President, new media net works using public air ways must be sponsored; many on youtube will become the voice of truth. Depressing the truth will result in the end of the Republic.


Dear Mr. President, as I listened to the accomplishments of the State Department as expressed by Mike Pompeo, I was moved by the sure volume of issues satisfactorily solved and moving  forward on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LM3TkBU8nlA


Dear Mr. President, you’re fight for a fair election is all our fight, yet those who despise you would rather suppress the truth and commit fraud against you and the American People then see you re-elected.


Dear Mr. President, to the end I’ll follow the path of liberty, truth and fair elections free of fraud, allowing observers to observe while counting voters ballots.


11 November 2020


Dear Mr. President, latest news. Trump's border wall endangered ecosystems and sacred sites. Could it come down under Biden to stave off projects that could threaten the environment and species?



They spun the truth, the Mayor stating a task force will verify the FDA and no one trust you because you politicized Covid-19. Trump threatens to deny New York a vaccine. See governor's response is the latest news from MSNBC.



In a special report, MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber debunks Trump’s voter “fraud” claims with the facts and the judges’ own words from court and that Rudy and own aides are privately acknowledging they're aware this legal fight is "unsustainable." True or not?


Where you going to place the Haliade-X, the industry’s first 12 MW offshore wind turbine stands tall at 260 meters and rotor at 220 meters creates enough electricity for 16,000 houses the Enercon E-126 stands tall at a height of 650 ft (198 m) and creates 7MW and is the second largest windmill?


I'm not you're biggest fan and I thank you and Obama blew it in you're quest for renewable energy technologies exploitation. The US is 15% of the world's atmospheric pollutants. You must hold China/India - 3 billion people plus cows accountable. A balanced approach is all we expect but we ask for safe guarding our treasure.


You got to convince us that feel you’re family; you to Sir that you all have not profited from you’re office as Vice President. Statements have been made at the highest level of government. It’s not going to go away. The whole story will spill out or you must debunk all that’s being said about corruption in order to unite us all. Your son is under investigation by the FBI. Ho do we digest that, the China, Ukraine, Russia money trail?


When you're well informed, well versed, a student of history, a naval historian, an author, a civil rights activist and a survivalist, you know for certain, political change if it takes hold will attempt to tear down the economic engine your father and others crated. It will take the Senate to maintain a balance; there leadership would have to prevail in the absence of your father from office. Even Tucker is saying show me the evidence I say the evidence is voting ballot counting machines that have the ability to change votes using he internet or usb memory ports. There very use with such capability in count ballots makes a mockery out of our elections. Such a machine and who sold it and has control over it or them becomes very relevant. It's like having a rattle snake for dinner but instead of using a chair, the snake moves freely around your leg. The machines capabilities and origin, control over, etc. creates doubt that our elections were fairly conducted. That doubt multiplied by possibly more then half the country of registered voters should be enough to force those machines to the curb at the very minimum.


You have helped you're country not like Hunter Biden. Thank you for being involved for us. You will endure, you're about to go through something that would kill me right away. I'm hoping the VA will offer covid-19 shot for us, 100% spinal cord injury vets. I watched folks speak on youtube today as I always do. You know, you and I are right extremist for the things we jointly believe. I reckon we're just going to have to endure a little longer, together but separate in our voices for equality.


You listen to me now. We don't know each other personally, nor do I know you're father, family, etc., so let’s call me a grateful recipient of you and your father, speaking for me, expressing my point of views. Listen Up, I've been fighting for every breath of air since that fate full day in history when my life was changed physically when I fail off a roof and broke my neck, February 6, 1985. The VA declared me 100% due to having been a QUAD, with an existing disability do to active duty where I served in the U.S. Navy. You see, the hurdle in front of you is unknown as my injury was. This unknown factor can over whelm anyone at any time. You must over whelm fear of the unknown itself, by focusing on you're self, so you can heal, building up your human system with smoothies, carrot juice, etc. So get rest and digest as much fruits an vegetables as possible. Grab a glass of water often and if I catch this I won't have the option to keep heat on the neck to fight the chills, boiling hot water sprayed on the neck. Hot wood fires, no just laying in a bed with a respiratory breathing device until I die. What a miserable out look on life for the most vulnerable 22% population of the world. Yet Ii refuse to allow the fear of the unknown to stop me from writing books, so I stay at my Baja, Ca, Mexico Pacific Ocean Home and other Quads in America are staying home, many loosing their jobs. Those that stay on the job, if they deal with the public, are risking there lives. So do to your father’s leadership were going to see vaccines before the end of the year. Supply the VA Medical Centers. USS Nimitz (CVN-68) now has Covid-19 onboard while operating at sea. Our country will forever be indebted to your father for his quick action in securing the international boarders by not allowing folks to fly in from China. I am joy full now that the pandemic will be mediated and that my fear for the future of us all shall no longer cause disappear in my spirit. Every day thinking the next person that works for me or those that work for me, where have they been, who did they come in contact with, did they wear a mask or wear gloves?


I'm typing with a stick one key at a time, my fingers don't work, so I'm getting tired, loosing my energy from with in. It's amazing the level of energy it takes to type with a stick, to keep the stick strait up in your hand so as to not type two letters at a time. After awhile you can't pick up the titanium, stick weighing in at a couple of pounds.


But that's ok, because I know I can pick it up again and again with rest periods.


So now is your rest period and than get up, do what you can for yourself, not us, we'll keep the torch let until you can if you will even want to,be our voices again. God Bless. By the way, your father's accomplishments will only grow with the Senate announcing they won't change the status qo so to speak. If I repeated the exact language when describing the lefts wish list, I thank facebook might censor my comment. One thing for sure, is hard to trample the well informed as there voices will always be heard. You'll never get everyone onboard un less you're running a soup kitchen or food bank, providing natural disaster assistance or rescuing a victim from an accident. Chasing down criminals for public safety, sup[porting law enforcement not on the list anymore.

Some might say I'm a blow heart and they may be right. It's when we stop interacting, voicing the truth followed by opinions, rather than censor the truth and offering opinions, when we loose the essential tool available to us all, the only thing that will keep our liberties intact, the truth.


When you're well informed, well versed, a student of history, a naval historian, an author, a civil rights activist and a survivalist, you know for certain, political change if it takes hold will attempt to tear down the economic engine your father and others crated. It will take the Senate to maintain a balance, there leadership would have to prevail in the absence of your father from office. Even Tucker is saying show me the evidence I say the evidence is voting ballot counting machines that have the ability to change votes using he internet or usb memory ports. There very use with such capability in count ballots makes a mockery out of our elections. Such a machine and who sold it and has control over it or them becomes very relevant. It's like having a rattle snake for dinner but instead of using a chair, the snake moves freely around your leg. The machines capabilities and origin, control over, etc. creates doubt that our elections were fairly conducted. That doubt multiplied by possibly more then half the country of registered voters should be enough to force those machines to the curb at the very minimum.


In conclusion let me say, we've got your back.


In a special report, MSNBC's Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber debunks Trump’s voter “fraud” claims with the facts and the judges’ own words from court and that Rudy and own aides are privately acknowledging they're aware this legal fight is "unsustainable." True or not?


Trump legal advisor questions election integrity as Democrats coronate Biden 'King of America'



Hannity's message to media mob, Big Tech: Be careful what you wish for



Lawsuits related to the 2020 United States presidential election



Presidential Results


Joe Biden will become the 46th US president, CNN projects.


CNN projects that Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes put native son Joe Biden above the 270 needed to become the 46th president of the United States. Born in Scranton, the former vice president and longtime Delaware senator defeated Donald Trump, the first president to lose a reelection bid since George H.W. Bush in 1992. Follow live coverage


Profile image of Biden



50.8% 78,633,360


Profile image of Trump

270 to Win



47.2% 73,093,985



How Sidney Powell inaccurately cited Venezuela’s elections as evidence of U.S. fraud.


Nov. 19, 2020, 10:00 a.m. ETNov. 19, 2020

By Linda Qiu


Sidney Powell, a lawyer on President Trump’s election legal team who represented the former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn, has been a major source and promoter of viral conspiracy theories about vote switching.


Since the election, Ms. Powell has advanced claims of voluminous voter fraud and a rigged election. She falsely claimed that a supercomputer called Hammer hacked votes, that Mr. Trump won the election by “millions of votes” and that voting software company Dominion Voting Systems altered the tallies.


Last week, she promised that coming evidence would overturn the election’s results and said she would “release the Kraken,” a reference to the 1981 movie “The Clash of the Titans,” reprising a catchphrase that began trending on Twitter.


On Monday, Ms. Powell posted some of her so-called evidence on Twitter. It consisted of three screenshots of an affidavit that she said was signed by a former military official from Venezuela about elections there. The screenshots were incomplete and did not include a name or signature, and Ms. Powell did not respond to requests to view the full document.


But according to her and excerpts from the affidavit, the elections software company Smartmatic helped the Venezuelan government rig its elections by switching votes and leaving no trail. The military official said in the excerpts that the U.S. election was “eerily reminiscent” of what happened in Venezuela’s 2013 presidential election, though no evidence was provided that votes had been switched in the United States.


Ms. Powell promoted the affidavit and its claims in interviews on conservative media that have amassed at least four million views on YouTube.


“This person saw, by his own experience, exactly what was happening there was happening here,” Ms. Powell explained to Fox News on Monday.


Smartmatic does not provide technology to the battleground states that sealed President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory. And electronic voting security experts said they were unimpressed with what Ms. Powell presented.


“The essence of the affidavit is that voting machines could have been hacked. This is not news,” said David Dill, a computer scientist at Stanford University and founder of the Verified Voting Foundation. “Every single vote that has been counted by computer in the U.S. in the last 50 years was counted by a computer that ‘could have been hacked.’ So far as I know, none of them actually were.”


Dan Wallach, a professor of computer science at Rice University and an expert on electronic voting system security, said: “If this class of attack was happening, the odds of it going undetected is quite low. So far, we have no evidence suggesting an abnormal number of spoiled ballots.”


Previous claims that Smartmatic’s voting machines were rigged in Venezuela have been disputed and are “unsubstantiated,” according to The Associated Press. It’s worth noting that Smartmatic accused the Venezuelan government of election fraud in 2017, pointing out that its machines were used when the opposition party won a majority in the country’s National Assembly in 2015.


The excerpts from Ms. Powell also included numerous inaccurate claims to imply a similarity between Venezuela’s elections and the U.S. election, chiefly drawing dubious parallels between Smartmatic and Dominion, which was used in several key states. Ms. Powell took the claims one step further, telling the right-wing media company Newsmax that Venezuela’s vote counting system was then “exported” to the United States.


The official she cited also said that Dominion’s system was “a descendant” of Smartmatic’s system, that they “did business together” and that Mr. Biden had overtaken Mr. Trump only when “vote counting was stopped.”


Smartmatic and Dominion have denied any exchange of technology and maintain that they are competitors. Dominion bought assets from a company three years after Smartmatic sold the company. And Mr. Biden overtook Mr. Trump in Pennsylvania and Georgia after days of consistent counting, while maintaining a lead in Arizona that narrowed as tallying continued.


The official also claimed to Ms. Powell that voting machines display and print out a paper ballot showing the results the voter intended, while the software itself “changes the information electronically.” But Dominion’s system does not work like that.


“The process that we see happening in Georgia and elsewhere that use similar ‘ballot marking device’ systems,” Mr. Wallach said, “is that the voter selects their choices with a computer of some sort, which then prints their ballot. The voter then typically carries that ballot to a ballot box, often with a scanner on top, and deposits the ballot.”


Any difference or attack on the tabulation system would be caught in postelection recounts, and “so far, none of them have caught anything other than human errors in the tabulation process, such as forgetting to load a memory card,” he said.


Mr. Dill said: “Courts demand strong evidence to overturn an election. From that perspective, this affidavit does not help make a case.”



President Donald Trump's attempts to overturn his election loss are plunging deeper into incoherence.


On Saturday night, the Trump campaign requested a second recount in Georgia, a day after top Republican state officials certified his defeat following a statewide audit. This one will be done by machine and is even less likely to reverse his fate. Hours earlier, a federal judge rejected the Trump campaign's latest effort to disenfranchise millions of voters -- this time in Pennsylvania.


All around the country, Trump lawyers and loyalists are seeing their baseless allegations of systemic voter fraud treated with increasing contempt by disbelieving judges. Even now, with a wave of certification deadlines about to crash down, the President and his opportunistic enablers are injecting doubt -- and anxiety -- wherever they can. The returns, though, seem to be diminishing and Joe Biden's transition team is plowing forward -- with the President-elect set to announce his Cabinet picks this week.


On Saturday, it was Judge Matthew Brann, a Republican, who in tossing out a Trump-backed lawsuit felt compelled to underscore, with a literary flourish, the absurdity of the campaign's assertions.


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"This claim, like Frankenstein's Monster, has been haphazardly stitched together from two distinct theories in an attempt to avoid controlling precedent," Brann wrote. His decision prompted another Republican, Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey -- who is not running for reelection in 2022 -- to do the bare minimum in breaking ranks with party leaders and acknowledging Biden as the President-elect.


Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a staunch Trump ally, called the conduct of the President's legal team a "national embarrassment" on Sunday and said it was time for him to end his futile legal gambit.


"I have been a supporter of the President's. I voted for him twice, but elections have consequences, and we cannot continue to act as if something happened here that didn't happen," Christie, an ABC contributor, said on "This Week."


Later Sunday, Trump's lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis attempted to distance themselves from attorney Sidney Powell, a member of Trump's legal team who has been spreading conspiracy theories about the election and whom Christie had singled out.


"Sidney Powell is practicing law on her own," Giuliani and Ellis said in their statement, which came just days after Powell joined them for a wild news conference at Republican National Committee headquarters and a week after the President announced on Twitter that she was joining his legal team.


In her own statement later Sunday, Powell said she agreed that she was "not part of the campaign's legal team" and that she never billed the campaign any fees. "My intent has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may--whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats," she added, vowing to file an "epic" lawsuit this week.


But even as Trump's brazen bid to subvert American democracy keeps gobbling up headlines, it is his appalling handling of the pandemic that seems poised now to etch itself more lastingly into the history books.


The United States surpassed 12 million coronavirus cases on Saturday, adding nearly 200,000 more to its staggering count. Trump has made no mention of the terrifying milestone. Rather, he spent part of the day golfing.


It was just as well.


Trump's petulance worsens pandemic pain


When the lame duck President speaks about the pandemic, he only further undermines scattershot efforts to contain it. That Trump skipped out of a side-session focused on pandemic preparedness with world leaders at the G20 virtual gathering on Saturday surprised no one. It's unlikely he was missed. All the while, states and cities around this country reported record-high numbers of infections as hospitalizations mounted -- setting off alarm bells over a collapse of an overwhelmed health care system. And that's before millions of Americans begin their ill-advised holiday travels ahead of Thanksgiving this week.


More than 255,000 are already dead, millions out work, and the administration and its Republican allies in the Senate seem determined to deepen the despair -- while, in the process, undermining Biden's efforts to right the ship when he takes control on January 20 of next year. By blocking Biden's team from accessing sensitive government information, complicated operations like the distribution of a vaccine are likely to be delayed or made more cumbersome.


Moncef Slaoui, the head of the White House's coronavirus vaccine effort, lamented Sunday that "it's very unfortunate that the whole (vaccine) process has been politicized and, therefore, the context has created conditions whereby people's perception has been exacerbated and we are where we are today."


Vaccines are safe for Americans, Slaoui told CNN's Jake Tapper on "State of the Union," and with two separate vaccine makers -- Moderna and Pfizer -- reporting their vaccines are about 95% effective with no major safety concerns, "it's almost a full insurance against this pandemic," he said.


Slaoui, the chief scientific adviser of Operation Warp Speed, told Tapper that the operation has stayed out of the political arena, but, when asked about the transition between the Trump administration and incoming Biden administration, said: "Smoothness is what we all aim for and therefore it would be better."


Some nine months after the coronavirus first gripped the country, there is still no unified plan to combat it. And measures taken by Congress to mitigate the pain are lapsing. The expanded federal unemployment benefits extended as part of $2 trillion package passed earlier this year are due to run out just after Christmas, affecting an estimated 12 million Americans. There is, for now, little to suggest a coming renaissance of negotiation on Capitol Hill, where Senate Republicans have refused to take up a new aid package passed by House Democrats and Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected potential piecemeal deals floated by the GOP in the run-up to the election.

Trump White House


· Trump digs deeper into debunked conspiracy theories instead of embracing reality

· Trump unveils controversial drug price rules in a last-ditch attempt to fulfill campaign promise

· Michigan lawmakers who met with Trump say they see nothing to change election outcome

· MAP: Full election results


The trickle down effects of inaction in Washington, DC, are being felt most acutely at the state and local level, where even officials who acknowledge the extent of the crisis are hesitant to take bold action and implement the kind of drastic measures proven to help curb the spread of the virus.


"You shut nonessential workplaces or indoor dining, you're basically putting a bullet in them," New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, said on Friday about the absence of federal aid, suggesting that something like a "two-week pause" is effectively out of the question without a capital boost from Capitol Hill.

Sara Nelson, the international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, ripped Senate Republicans over their hesitance to act -- a contrast with the body's relatively swift passage of the initial $2 trillion package back in March.


"With more than 12 million cases, over a quarter million Americans dead, more than 60 million unemployment claims filed since March, 8 million people have been pushed into poverty, and over one hundred thousand businesses shuttered, the same exact Senate has recessed without even the notion of hope of relief for Americans destined to die more likely from homelessness than a raging pandemic," Nelson said. "Anyone musing politics makes inaction explainable better just resign now and let the patriotic essential workers take the reins."


Even within congressional ranks, the number of Covid cases is steadily rising. Just this week, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Rick Scott of Florida tested positive. On Saturday night, Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler, a Republican campaigning ahead of a runoff for her seat, announced that she, too, returned a positive test, bringing the total count to more than three dozen lawmakers from both parties. (Loeffler's campaign said Sunday that a previously inconclusive test came back negative but she will continue to undergo testing and self-isolate.)


The twin crises of Covid and Trump's antidemocratic machinations collided over the last 48 hours, when two leading Michigan GOP lawmakers emerged from a meeting at the White House by stating, again, that they had seen no evidence to suggest Biden did not win their state fair and square. Instead, state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield apparently used at least part of their time with the President to deliver a letter pleading for more federal aid to fight the virus.


"Months ago, Michigan received funds through the federal CARES Act, and we used that funding to quickly support front line workers, improve testing, ensure adequate PPE, provide additional support to out-of-work Michiganders, and deliver assistance to local businesses that are struggling through no fault of their own," the Michigan Republicans said in a joint statement. "We once again face a time in our state when additional support would go a long way to help those same residents who need our help."


Trump retweeted the statement on Saturday morning, but ignored the request for help and focused on pumping air into his deflating campaign to upend the election.


"This is true, but much different than reported by the media," Trump said. "We will show massive and unprecedented fraud!"


The meeting drew criticism from Maryland Republican Gov. Larry Hogan, who told Tapper on Sunday that it was "completely outrageous." Hogan, a moderate member of his party and a known Trump critic, also said he's "embarrassed that more people in the party aren't speaking up."


"We used to go supervise elections around the world, and we were the most respected, you know, country with respect to elections. And now we're beginning to look like we're a banana republic. It's time for them to stop the nonsense," he said.


With a handful of local and state certification deadlines early next week, it has become plain that -- like with so many other promises -- Trump's pledge to reveal some kind of massive, coordinated fraud will never materialize.


Shortly before news of the Pennsylvania case's embarrassing defeat began to spread, Trump retreated to more hospitable territory -- the Wild West of social media -- to engage in a round of coronavirus whataboutism. He pointed to the toll of the pandemic on other countries and attacked the media for not reporting on the efficacy of emerging therapeutics.


"The Fake News is not talking about the fact that 'Covid' is running wild all over the World, not just in the U.S.," he wrote, before referencing, presumably, the portion of the morning's international summit he took part in. "I was at the Virtual G-20 meeting early this morning and the biggest subject was Covid. We will be healing fast, especially with our vaccines!"


Those vaccines, though promising, are still months away being made available to millions of desperate Americans, tens of thousands of whom are projected to die before they arrive.


Trump allies out to undermine Biden


In the meantime, Trump's Treasury secretary appears to be doing his best to starve the distressed business community of a key lifeline. On Thursday, Steve Mnuchin requested that the Federal Reserve return some $455 billion in so-far unused funding that the central bank insists has -- and will -- continue to be crucial in preventing further economic woes.


Mnuchin himself, in a letter to the Federal Reserve, acknowledged that the lending programs "clearly achieved their objective." But he still demanded the return of the nearly half-trillion dollars, a move that brought objections from corporate leaders -- hardly a hotbed of anti-Trump resistance -- and the Fed, which said it preferred "that the full suite of emergency facilities established during the coronavirus pandemic continue to serve their important role as a backstop for our still-strained and vulnerable economy."

The reasoning for the decision, some experts said, appeared to be a bid to hamstring the incoming administration.


"This appears to be a political move by Team Trump to limit what President-elect Joe Biden can do next year to boost the economy," Jaret Seiberg, financial services and housing policy analyst for Cowen Washington Research Group, wrote in a research note, "especially if Congress fails to pass a big stimulus."

Biden Transition


· Georgia's GOP governor and secretary of state certify Biden win, quashing Trump's longshot attempt to overturn results

· Biden's margin of victory over Trump surpasses 6 million votes

· Biden transition making fundraising push as Trump administration blocks funding

· MAP: Full election results


And with the balance of the next Senate currently up for grabs, with Democrats needing to sweep the January runoff elections in Georgia to win control, the prospects for a package sizable enough to match the needs of the country are, at best, uncertain.


So too is it for Biden and his transition team, which remains locked out of the agencies it is poised to take over after the inauguration, and cut off from information that could help in planning its way out of the current shambles. Emily Murphy, the Trump appointee who heads the General Services Administration, has given no indication of when, or if, she plans to exercise her power to acknowledge Biden as the "apparent" winner, which would open up crucial lines of communication and avail the President-elect's team to millions of dollars in federal funds.


Jen Psaki, who is overseeing Biden's nominations team, said Sunday that "the longer this goes, the longer it's going to jeopardize people's well being."


But legal action, she told Tapper on "State of the Union," isn't the transition team's "preference" for getting the GSA to formally begin the transition process.


"If it was, we would have done it days ago because we have known the clear outcome for two weeks now and that's the only trigger for ascertainment," Psaki said.


She tweeted shortly after her interview with Tapper that Biden will name his first Cabinet picks on Tuesday -- a date also confirmed by White House chief of staff Ron Klain on ABC Sunday.


With Murphy stalling, Biden's transition team is now seeking to effectively crowdsource its efforts. On Friday it sent a fundraising email to supporters as it weighs legal options.


"The nation faces too many challenges to not have a fully funded and smooth transition to prepare the President-elect and Vice President-elect to govern on Day One," a transition official told CNN.


But no amount of money can buy access to the classified briefings typically granted within days to election winners. Biden -- and the country -- appear condemned to wait for Trump to set aside his wounded pride and concede to reality.


The wait continues. The surge of death and despair does, too. This story has been updated with additional developments Sunday” (Ref. CNN's Devan Cole, Sarah Mucha, Kevin Bohn and Daniella Mora contributed to this report).



US election 2020: What legal challenges is Trump planning?

By Reality Check team

November 22, 2020


Democrat Joe Biden has been declared president-elect, but Donald Trump is challenging the result in some key states, alleging electoral fraud.

The president has been dealt a series of legal blows, as time runs out for him overturn the results.


Here's what we know so far.


Electors from each state meet on 14 December to formally nominate the next president.


Realistically, this is the point at which the window closes for legal challenges, although there are remote scenarios where cases could continue beyond this date.




Mr Biden is projected to have won here.


The Trump campaign is seeking to block the certification of the results in the state, alleging unfair voting practises.


President Trump's legal team say voters in Democrat-leaning areas were given more of an opportunity to correct any mistakes on their postal ballots - but on 21 November a judge in Pennsylvania rejected their case, saying it presented "strained legal arguments without merit".


On 22 November, Trump's team confirmed they were appealing against the decision.


In the lawsuit, they also allege more than 680,000 postal ballots were counted without proper oversight from poll watchers.


Poll watchers are people who observe the counting of votes, with the aim of ensuring transparency. They are allowed in most states as long as they are registered before election day.


In some areas this year, restrictions were put in place before election day, in part due to coronavirus. There were also capacity limits to avoid intimidation.

A 20-foot (six-metre) perimeter was set in the Philadelphia counting facility but this was challenged by the Trump campaign on 4 November. A court ruling on 5 November said it should be reduced to six feet - as long as poll watchers stuck to Covid-19 rules.


On the same day, the Trump campaign accused election officials of violating the judge's order, and filed a federal lawsuit to stop the count in Philadelphia, which was rejected.


Election officials insist they acted properly and appealed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which on 17 November ruled officials in Philadelphia didn't violate state law when restricting how close poll watchers could stand to the processing of postal ballots.


· Why it can be hard to vote in the US

Does US postal voting lead to fraud?


Another challenge centres on the state's decision to count ballots that were postmarked by election day, but arrived up to three days later.

Republicans appealed this, saying that all postal ballots received after election day should be disqualified. On 12 November, the US Court of Appeals rejected the case, but the Supreme Court could still hear the Republicans' appeal.


Pennsylvania state officials estimate that about 10,000 ballots were received in the three days after election day. They say these ballots are being kept on one side, in the light of on-going legal challenges.


Counting of other votes is continuing, with the election tally on 22 November showing Mr Biden more than 80,000 votes ahead of President Trump.

On 13 November, courts rejected a string of challenges by the Trump campaign based on almost 9,000 postal ballots they said lacked information, such as the date the ballot was cast or the voter's address.


The Trump campaign has had a small victory over how long voters should be given to provide proof of identification if it was missing or unclear on their postal ballots. The deadline was 12 November, but this has been reduced by three days.




Mr Trump won the state in 2016 by his slimmest margin - just over 10,700 votes - and Mr Biden is projected as the winner here in 2020.


A lawsuit filed on 9 November in Michigan looked to block the certification of results in Wayne County, citing further complaints from poll watchers. This was rejected on 13 November.


On 11 November, the Trump campaign filed a federal lawsuit which largely repeats the claims made above - but has since dropped the challenge.

The results have now been certified at county level, and state election officials meet on the 23 November to confirm the final election results in Michigan.


Mr Biden is the projected winner here - the results will be certified by state election officials on 24 November.

On 17 November, President Trump's legal team filed a lawsuit, asking that Trump be named the winner in Nevada or that the results be void with no winner certified.


The suit claims "fraud and abuse renders the purported results of the Nevada election illegitimate" - with Trump's legal team alleging 15,000 people who lived out of state illegally voted, without providing evidence.


· No, voting machines didn't deleted millions of Trump ballots

· The 'dead voters' who are still alive


Similar claims were made in early November when the president's legal team produced a list of people it said had moved out of state, but still voted.

But many of these were by legal voters who were soldiers and their spouses stationed elsewhere.

Military personnel, as well as students, from Nevada - living elsewhere - can still vote. People who leave the state within 30 days before an election can also vote.




The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in Arizona on 7 November, claiming some legal votes were rejected.


The case cites declarations by some poll watchers and two voters who claim they had problems with voting machines.


But Arizona's Secretary of State said this was "grasping at straws", and on 13 November Trump's team dropped the suit.




A lawsuit was filed in Georgia's Chatham County to pause the count on 4 November, alleging problems with ballot processing.


Georgia Republican chairman David Shafer tweeted that party observers saw a woman "mix over 50 ballots into the stack of uncounted absentee ballots".

On 5 November, a judge dismissed this lawsuit, saying there was "no evidence" of improper ballot mixing.


Could it reach the Supreme Court?


On 4 November, Mr Trump claimed voting fraud - without providing evidence - and said: "We'll be going to the US Supreme Court".


· Trump's 17-minute speech fact-checked

· The most viral US vote claims debunked


If the election result is challenged, it would usually first require legal teams to challenge it in the state courts - but the US attorney general has allowed federal prosecutors to probe the allegations.


State judges would then need to uphold the challenge and order a recount.


The Supreme Court could then be asked be asked to weigh in.


Columbia University Law School professor Richard Briffault says: "There's no standard process for bringing election disputes to the Supreme Court. It's very unusual and it would have to involve a very significant issue."


To date, the 2000 election is the only one to be decided by the US Supreme Court.


In 2000, Democrat Al Gore lost Florida state - and the presidential election - by 537 votes out of a total of almost six million cast in the state.

This was followed by a highly controversial recount process that lasted over a month - until the Supreme Court ruled to stop recounting and in favor of Republican George W Bush, who became president” (Ref. US election 2020: What legal challenges is Trump planning? - BBC, By Reality Check team, Additional reporting by Ritu Prasad, November 22, 2020). https://www.bbc.com/news/election-us-2020-54724960


Trump's election fight includes over 30 lawsuits. It's not going well.

By Pete Williams - November 22, 2020


Here's where things stand this week.


President Donald Trump and other Republicans have filed over 30 lawsuits across six swing states in an attempt to contest the election results.

Most of them have been shot down or withdrawn, and no court has found even a single instance of fraud. Of at least 36 cases to have been filed, including some not directly involving Trump but which could nonetheless affect his standing, at least 25 have been denied, dismissed, settled or withdrawn.

Trump has aggressively ramped up his allegations of election fraud in the weeks since his projected loss, tweeting dozens of debunked theories. His continued refusal to concede to President-election Joe Biden has also deeply hampered the transition process, leaving Biden in the dark on crucial Covid-19 and national security issues.


Here is where things stand as of Monday at 5 p.m. ET:




3rd U.S. Court of Appeals: In Bognet v. Boockvar, Republicans argued that the extended mail-in ballot deadline challenged the constitution.


Status: Denied.


U.S. District Court, Eastern District: In Barnette v. Lawrence, the GOP lawsuit claimed that Montgomery County wrongly allowed mail-in voters the chance to cure ballots.


Status: Dismissed.


U.S. District Court, Eastern District: In Trump v. Philadelphia County Board of Elections, the Trump campaign argued that there was insufficient access by observers.


Status: Denied. The Trump campaign later admitted that there were a "nonzero number of people in the room" observing the vote count, including some affiliated with the campaign. Judge Paul S. Diamond shot back, "I'm sorry, then what's your problem?"


U.S. District Court, Middle District: In Pirkle v. Wolf, four voter plaintiffs generalized allegations of fraud, based on complaints issued by third parties.

Status: Withdrawn.


Pennsylvania Supreme Court: In response to the Canvass of Absentee and Mail-in Ballots, Republicans claim that Philadelphia did not give election observers enough access.


Status: Denied. The court reversed the petition allowing an appeal. The court rejected the Trump campaign's claim that mail-in ballots with minor flaws must be rejected.


Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court: In Hamm v. Boockvar, Republicans claimed that the state wrongly allowed voters to cast provisional ballots to cure invalid mail ballots.


Status: Denied.


Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court: Northampton Republicans challenged notifications of votes that were canceled during prescreening.


Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court: In Trump v. Boockvar, the campaign challenged the three-day deadline extension given to mail-in voters missing identification to supply proof of identification.


Status: Relief granted. The court found that the secretary of state had no authority to provide an extension. The secretary of state's office has said the total number of votes is probably fewer than 100 statewide.


Court of Common Pleas, Bucks County: Both the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign challenged over 2,000 mail-in ballots.



Active. The Democratic National Committee and Bucks County seek an immediate review in Pennsylvania's Supreme Court of whether minor oversights can invalidate ballots.


Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas: In Trump v. Montgomery County Board of Elections, the Trump campaign and the RNC challenged about 600 mail-in ballots that lacked voters' addresses.


Status: Withdrawn.


U.S. Supreme Court: In Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar, Republicans challenged the extended mail-in ballot deadline.


Status: Active.


U.S. District Court, Middle District: In Trump v. Boockvar, the campaign is arguing that different provisional ballot practices violate equal protection.


· Status: Active.

· A federal judge dismissed the suit Saturday in a scathing opinion: "This claim, like Frankenstein's Monster, has been haphazardly stitched together," Judge Matthew Brann wrote.


The Trump campaign on Monday appealed Saturday's ruling in a document riddled with perplexing logic and multiple grammatical errors.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court: The Trump campaign appealed a Philadelphia County Board of Elections decision to count five different categories of mail-in and absentee ballots.


Status: Active. The court is reviewing whether the state election code allows curing some mail-in ballots by casting provisional ballots.


Pennsylvania Supreme Court: In Ziccarelli v. Allegheny County Board of Elections, Nicole Ziccarelli, a GOP legislative candidate, challenged 2,349 undated mail-in ballots.


Status: Stayed. Ziccarelli sought an injunction Monday to stop the certification of votes in Allegheny County.


Court of Common Pleas for Westmoreland County: Ziccarelli is also challenging a small number of provisional ballots.


Status: Pending.


Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court: A group of Republicans, led by Rep. Mike Kelly, claimed that the state's no-excuse mail ballot law violates the state constitution. They sought an order blocking certification of most mail-in votes or that directs the state Assembly to choose the presidential electors.


Status: Pending.




U.S. District Court, Western District: In Johnson/Stoddard v. Benson, two Trump supporters made generalized allegations of voter fraud.


Status: Withdrawn.


U.S. District Court, Western District: In Trump v. Benson, the campaign claimed that Wayne County denied election challengers proper access to watch election workers handle ballots.


Status: Withdrawn.


Wayne County Circuit Court, Court of Appeals: In Constantino v. Detroit, two Republican poll challengers alleged irregularities in the vote.


Status: Denied. The plaintiffs have appealed to the state Supreme Court.


Wayne County Circuit Court: In Stoddard v. Detroit, the plaintiffs claimed that ballots were improperly duplicated by Democratic Party inspectors.


Status: Denied.


Michigan Court of Claims: In Trump v. Benson, the campaign sought to have more poll observers watch the vote count.


Status: Denied. The plaintiffs appealed to the appellate court. Judge Cynthia D. Stephens said in her opinion that the case was "inadmissible hearsay within hearsay." "I heard someone else say something," Michigan Judge Cynthia Stephens said Thursday, summing up an affidavit submitted by the Trump campaign. "Tell me how that is not hearsay. Come on now!"


U.S. District Court, Western District: In Bally v. Whitmer, a group of voters disputed election results in three counties based on allegations of voting irregularities and fraud.


Status: Withdrawn.




U.S. District Court, Eastern District: In Langenhorst v. Pecore, Republicans made generalized allegations of voter fraud that relied on third-party accounts.

Status: Dismissed.




Maricopa County Superior Court: In Arizona Republican Party v. Fontes, the Republicans sought a hand recount of the ballots cast in Maricopa County by precinct. The GOP does not allege fraud, but it claims that the audit of votes did not meet state law.


Status: Dismissed.


Maricopa County Superior Court: In Trump v. Hobbs, the Trump campaign claimed that using Sharpies to fill in mail-in ballots caused an overvote and invalidated ballots.


Status: Dismissed.




Clark County District Court: In Election Integrity Project v. Nevada, the plaintiffs claimed that Nevada's vote-by-mail structure is unconstitutional. The suit was filed in September.


Status: Active.


1st Judicial District Court, Carson City: In Law v. Whitmer, Trump's six electors claimed irregularities, including the improper use of scanning machines to verify signatures.


Status: Active.


U.S. District Court: In Stokke v. Cegavske, the plaintiffs sought to stop the use of automated signature matching in Clark County.


Status: Dismissed.


Nevada Supreme Court: In Kraus v. Cegavske, the Trump campaign, the Nevada GOP and a Republican voter and count-watcher named Fred Kraus sued to stop the use of automated signature matching.


Status: Dismissed. The parties reached an agreement to allow for more observers.


Clark County District Court: In Becker v. Gloria, April Becker, a state Senate candidate, challenged the use of automated systems to match mail-in ballot signatures and the mailing of ballots to all registered voters.


Status: Active.


Clark County District Court: In Marchant v. Gloria, Jim Marchant, a congressional candidate, challenged the use of automated systems for signature-matching and for mailing ballots to all registered voters.


Status: Active.


Clark County District Court: In Rodimer v. Gloria, Daniel Rodimer, a state legislative candidate, challenged the use of automated systems for signature-matching and mailing ballots to all registered voters.




U.S. District Court, Northern District: In Wood v. Raffensperger, an Atlanta lawyer and Trump supporter sought an injunction to prevent a statewide canvass, arguing that a consent decree wrongly imposes an invalid procedure to verify voter signatures.


Status: Dismissed.


U.S. District Court, Southern District: In Brooks v. Mahoney, four Republican voters claimed that a voting machine software glitch caused a miscounting of votes.


Status: Dismissed.


Chatham County Superior Court: The Georgia Republican Party and the Trump campaign sought a reminder that mail-in ballots arriving late would not be counted.


Status: Dismissed.


Pete Williams is an NBC News correspondent who covers the Justice Department and the Supreme Court, based in Washington” (Ref. Trump's election fight includes over 30 lawsuits. It's not going well - By Pete Williams - November 22, 2020).







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